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Oolong tea - also known as Black Dragon - is a semi-fermented tea and falls somewhere between a green and a black in intensity.
Amber in color this smooth, well rounded elixir presents a roasted, smoky flavor with a superb finish. 
This tea is grown on the high altitude Boloven (or Bolaven)  Plateau (800 to 1,350 meters above sea level). This area located in southern Laos streches from the Mekong in the west to the Annamite Mountain Range in the east.
Fertile soils along with abundant rains brin forth the tea's unique taste. Of high quality and limited availability, this Fair Trade tea carries the mark of a pristine nature.

Boloven Oolong Tea by Silk Tea® "as smooth as silk"

Fair Trade Organic Oolong tea from Laos

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