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Fair Trade Lao silk scarves and organic tea from Laos

Fair Trade Lao Silk Scarves and Tea from Laos

Lao Silk

There is a high demand on the local market for genuine Lao silk thread.
There is also a growing demand on the international market for high quality hand woven and hand dyed Lao silk products.
Mai Savanh Lao invests most of its ressources in the production, dying and weaving of high quality Lao silk thread.

Lao Silk Production:

Our strategy is to teach and enable farmers to become good silk cocoon producers.
Mai Savanh Lao then buys the silk cocoons in accordance with Fair Trade practices and processes them at its silk farm in southern Laos.
Coccons are mechanically reeled in order to produce a fine and consistent silk thread that will be further processed in Vientiane.
Throwing is an important step and is done mechanically.
Mai Savahn Lao is actually the only company having a larger silk throwing capacity in Laos. This process is also offered as a service to other silk producers.
In Laos, natural dyes are available in a great variety of raw materials, allowing a large range of colors. In order to protect and preserve the environment we favor the use of renewable raw material sources (flowers instead of tree bark for example).
The health of our employees and customers is very important to us. As a result Mai Savanh Lao uses exclusively AZO free colors for its chemical dyes.

Lao Silk Weaving:

Weaving silk is a very old tradition and yet vivid in Laos (read Luan's story). It is still very much a home based activity and many mothers still dress their families with home woven fabrics.
Mai Savanh Lao has developed looms with hand powered shuttle beaters allowing faster and better weaving. These looms are available for all our contract weavers. Additionally Mai Savanh Lao is equipped with a warping unit. Warps sized by 100 to 120 cm width, and lengths of 200 to 300 m are standard.

Lao Silk Design and Final Products:

Traditional Lao patterns are blended in with modern fashion oriented designs.
We produce a wide range of silk products: fashion accessories (scarves and bags) as well as silk yarn (knitting yarns, embroidery yarns etc.)

Our products can also be woven to custom specifications; don't hesitate to contact us.

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