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Fair Trade Lao silk scarves and organic tea from Laos

Fair Trade Lao Silk Scarves and Tea from Laos

Luan's Story
Luan grew up in a remote area in northern Laos, with no formal education; she got married early and followed in her mothers' foot steps. She says:

"I remember the days when my mother tried to make ends meet, selling her weaving products to merchants travelling through our village, for barely the cost of the raw material."

For years Luan wove with little success due to poor quality and lack of access to markets.

"I worked hard but this did not generate a lot of money and was not valued. Even my family didn't have much respect for me."

This changed after she enrolled in the Mai Savanh Lao Training Program. The quality of her weaving improved drastically and her Lao silk products can now be found on this website and in many Fair Trade shops across the world. Today when Luan talks about her achievements she smiles and says proudly:

"I earn money and respect through the weaving of Lao silk scarves . I received social status as a woman and member of our community. But more importantly, we are now able to send our children to school and manage to save some money"

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