Sacha Inchi

Plukenesia volubilis

Sacha Inchi, also known as “Inca Peanut” or “Mountain Almond”, is a Euphorbiaceae endemic to the tropical mountain forests of the Peruvian Amazon.

This is with a handful of seeds given almost “Coincidentally” that everything started. Planted at the Boloven Farm we discovered the vitality of the climbing plant, its perfect acclimatization to the soil and the environment and its remarkable nutritional value.

Champion in Omega 3, 6 and 9 (92% of unsaturated fat) it is also rich in proteins. Many farmers started to plant it. Thanks to a friend who owns an oil mill, we initiated the pressing and production of the oil. But before that we produced our first raw roasted salted nuts. Each seed was opened manually! A real painstaking task. But it was necessary to get the products developed and launched. In January 2015 we tasted our first liters of oil. Very soon the range of products will expand: edible oil, cosmetic oil, protein powder (60% of proteins!) roasted salted nuts.

More: Comparative Table of Nutritional Values of Sacha Inchi Nut

Sacha Inchi presentation by Philippe Schmidt Maï Savanh Lao CEO

Sacha Inchi

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