Red peppercorns from Bolaven

Project “A Thousand Smiles”

Malnutrition is alongside poverty in Mountainous regions of Laos. We did not want to stay inactive but have a concrete action with these children around us who often go hungry to school. Endemic malnutrition has multiple sources but we found an easy answer and implement it with Spirulina. This microscopic algae has very high nutritional values (rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and oligo elements). Since 2012 and with the support of Antenna Technology, 2 basins of Spirulina production are working. 30% of the crop is distributed to undernourished children in the region. The rest will be sold to cover the production costs. At the end of 2014 four basins produce enough Spirulina to bring a smile to a Thousand and One children (300 g Spirulina per child).


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