The scarves and scarves of our catalog are woven on craft trades, perfected by the craftsmen and collaborators of Maï Savanh Lao (MSL). But what makes the difference of an MSL product, it is the high technicality put at the service of the preparation of the silk thread. The yarns are treated and tinted with natural dyes; Artistically blended color combinations give sashes a changing taffeta effect. Finely woven patterns, in tone-on-tone or contrasting effect, make each piece a unique piece.

We identify under the same code similar items, but which have some differences in weave pattern and slight variations in hue.

Each traditional scarf is an original piece. From the cultivation of the mulberry tree, the raising of the silkworm, the harvesting of the cocoons, their reeling, the spinning by assembly, the winding, the scarf is born at the assembly of the chain. And it takes shape in the weaving, when the shuttle sings to the rhythm of the trades by traversing the threads in the hands of the Laotian weavers.


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