Mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaves have the particularity of lowering blood sugar levels of diabetics, but they also help to treat urinary and intestinal disorders, as well as oral diseases and other angina.

Mulberry tea has been appreciated for 700 years in the asian culture fot its refined tate and its curatives properties. Our mulberry leaves are carrefully selected in the lands of Laos and are gently dryed according to the traditionnal know-how. This long process gives the mulberry tea its soft taste with a hint of wood. Mulberry tea, with no caffeine nor theine, is recognised for controlling the sugar and cholesterol rates. Also, it's a 100% natura and healthy product, and is produced according to the principles of organic agriculture and fair trade.

What are the bebefits of mulberry leaves?

Mulberry leaves :
• Help regulate sugar level in the bloodstream (can be used as a complement for diabetics).
• Help reduce cholesterol level in blood.
• Help decrease arterial hypertension.
• Are good for bones (thanks to a high calcium level).
• Are ideal for a diet, because they reduce the craving for sugar.

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